7 Signs Of Commitment Phobia

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Commitment is a crucial part of a successful and fulfilling relationship. We all want to be needed and loved, we want to feel that we are special for the person that we care about. Most of us feel also happy to reciprocate, to give back love, attention and loyalty. As long as we find ourselves in a relationship with one of the people who embrace commitment, things are on the right track. On the other hand, there are people who are afraid to commit, prefer to keep themselves at a safe distance and who will make it very difficult to start a relationship with.

The tricky part is that we don't choose who we fall in love with, and we might very well be in the situation of liking someone who has commitment phobias. Here are some of the tell-tale signs of a commitment phobic.
1. Realiably Unreliable: People who are unreliable about keeping appointment dates, who are always late or who change their plans in the last minute often do so because they are afraid to have a steady and serious relationship.
2. No hand holding...in public: The commitment phobic has difficulties showing affection in public. If they are reluctant to hold your hand, hug or kiss you in public, you might ask yourself if they really want to develop a serious relationship with you.
3.Looking for Barbie: Having unrealistic expectations is another of the signs of commitment phobia. People who have a distorted, unrealistic image of their dream date will never find such a person, thus they will not get hurt.
4.Affraid to make plans: While it is a good idea to live in the present and to enjoy life one day at a time, most people also feel the need to make future plans with the person that is important to them. People who are afraid of commitment will not be comfortable talking about the future.
5.Cant feel their feelings: People who hide or suppress their feelings will not be able to have a healthy relationship. Commitment phobics are afraid to open up, because this will make them vulnerable. They don't talk about their emotions and feelings, nor do they acknowledge them.

6.Always moving: Change is a fact of life, but people who are not happy without constantly changing will have a difficult time keeping a steady relationship. They will change their job, their home, their friends and their love interest in the search for happiness.

7.I dont want commitment means I dont want commitment Finally, the most obvious but often overlooked sign: commitment phobics will often be very clear about the way they view their relationship. If they say that they don't want to settle down, to get married and they want to date other people, don't make the mistake to think that this attitude will change.

There you are, some of the most common signs of commitment phobia. As every situation is different, surely you will find other ways to realize if you are dealing with someone who is afraid to commit. You just need to be realistic, honest with yourself and use your intuition. The signs are often right there for you to see, but love, or infatuation prevents you for seeing them. Try to see things as they really are and save your self the heartache. Getting in touch with Ewan Nicholson
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7 Signs Of Commitment Phobia

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This article was published on 2010/11/03